CleanZone mats are a fixed, semi-permanent solution for controlling contamination at floor level. Suitable for pedestrian flows and light-wheeled traffic, these antimicrobial mats are washable and reusable for a long-lasting solution for your critical environment. 


WorkZone mats are a fixed, semi-permanent solution for controlling contamination in heavy-duty areas at floor level. With a 3+ year life span, these heavy-duty Dycem mats are suitable for heavy-wheeled traffic, including large carts, pallet trucks, and forklifts.

CleanZone Floating Mats

Floating mats are a loose-laid, moveable solution for controlling contamination at floor level when a fixed solution isn’t compatible. Ideal for facilities with raised flooring, access tiles, or areas under construction, they come ready to use and do not require professional installation.

Access Tiles

Access tiles are used when the flooring is segmented, and permanent installation is not possible. Our inlaid access tiles measure 2′ x 2′ (60cm x 60cm) and replace existing raised access tile flooring.

Push Pads

Push pads with Polygiene BioMaster help prevent microbial growth on frequently touched surfaces, making them ideal for door entry and exit in controlled environments. Push Pads significantly reduce the risk of contamination spread by hands, protecting both employees and customers.

Bench Mats

Bench Mats provide excellent control for working surfaces by preventing equipment from slipping while also trapping contamination. Just like our antimicrobial floor mats, bench mats contain Polygiene BioMaster additive, proven to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

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