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Implementing Control Measures at an Internationally Recognized Research University

Durham University, located in Durham, England, is ranked as one of the World’s Top 100 Universities in 2024 and renowned globally as an outstanding center for research. The Department of Biosciences at Durham conducts research addressing fundamentally important questions facing humankind, from food security to sustainability in industrial processes, mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance, and the…

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Optimizing Cleanroom Efficiency: Dycem Mats Enhance Cleanliness and Minimize Downtime

When it comes to pharmaceutical production, maintaining stringent cleanliness standards is necessary to comply with the industry’s strict regulatory requirements. As a result, it is paramount for pharmaceutical companies to establish comprehensive contamination control strategies aimed at minimizing the potential introduction of particulate into critical areas. This strategy should also address the risks associated with…

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Microbial Contamination

Dycem Mats Safeguard Against Microbial Contamination at Kendal Nutricare

Kendal Nutricare specializes in manufacturing world-class nutrition products including early-life nutrition, to adult and senior formulations. Notably, it stands as the exclusive manufacturer of baby formula in the UK. The company adheres rigorously to stringent manufacturing quality standards, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring excellence at every phase of production. Commitment to quality is…

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Composite Tooling

Elevating Contamination Control with Dycem’s Sustainable, Effective and Cost-Efficient Solutions.

Pentaxia delivers a complete composite solution and is proud to work with many blue-chip companies across a diverse array of industries, encompassing aerospace, luxury automotive, medical, motorsport, and rail. Their expertise spans the entire supply chain, from the initial stages of tooling design to manufacturing, component production, and the final touches of surface finishing. They…

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Data Centre

Transforming Data Centers with the Dycem Difference 

In the intricate realm of technology, data centers stand as specialized environments, dedicated to housing computer systems and crucial infrastructure. These hubs play a pivotal role in maintaining the seamless flow of company information and worldwide access.  For this case study, we spoke with the IT Director of a prominent healthcare institution. Overseeing the technological…

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Cleanroom Cleanliness

Guarding Cleanroom Cleanliness: How Dycem Helped Touchlight Prevent Contamination

UK-based Touchlight is taking a revolutionary approach to DNA production and has secured a pivotal role in supporting the development of genetic medicine and advanced therapies. As a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) working with over 100 biotech and pharmaceutical companies, Touchlight is committed to providing state-of-the-art facilities to meet the needs of their…

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Research Lab

Improving Contamination Control: How Rosalind Franklin University Found a Sustainable Solution

Rosalind Franklin University, a distinguished medical school located in North Chicago, IL, stands as a beacon of excellence in specialized graduate-level health programs. The university is passionately dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment that brings together students, faculty, practitioners, researchers, and entrepreneurs. This collective community is driven by a common goal: to improve the quality…

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Enhancing Contamination Control and Aesthetics: Carolina Components Group’s Strategic Partnership

Carolina Components Group (CCG) specializes in providing “ultra-pure hoses, single-use assemblies, and equipment” specifically tailored to the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Manufacturing industry. In 2022, Carolina Components Group took a significant step in their manufacturing by incorporating Dycem into their gowning and material transfer areas to further enhance their contamination control measures. This strategic partnership with…

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Medical Device

Getinge Makes the Move to Permanent Contamination Control Mats and Supports their Environmental Program

Getinge is a leading global provider of products and services for healthcare and life sciences, founded on the belief that “saving lives is the best job in the world.” The Merrimack, New Hampshire, Factory Operations division is a team of 350 people. Ticci Jancar, a plant operation engineer who has worked on that team since…

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Strengthening Contamination Control at Mars: A Strategic Partnership with Dycem

Mars Food, a global company comparable in size to a small country, embraces its responsibility and opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the world. Guided by their long-term thinking and the Five Principles, as a family-owned business, Mars sought to enhance contamination control measures with the help of Dycem. This strategic partnership highlights Mars’s…

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Essential Oils

doTERRA Achieves Sustainable Contamination Control in Utah Bottling Facility

doTERRA, a company dedicated to making a positive impact in the world, values sustainability as a daily practice rather than just a boardroom discussion. Kelly Marcum, the director of engineering, manufacturing, facilities, and maintenance at doTERRA’s oil bottling facility in Utah, oversees the production of millions of bottles per month. One of their biggest challenges…

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Animal Laboratory

Innovative Flooring Solution for DePaul University’s Animal Care Facility Contamination Control

The DePaul University Department of Biological Sciences – Research Support Facility faced difficulties with their decontamination strategy using peel-off sticky mats. After consulting with a Dycem Contamination Control Specialist, they knew they had to update their strategy. CHALLENGE The Animal Care facility at DePaul University encountered difficulties with their decontamination process using sticky mats. Individuals…

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Medical Device

Applying Strategies for Contamination Control and Combating Stray Macro-Plastics

Plastikos is a plastic injection molding company that specializes in medical device manufacturing through ISO 7 & ISO 8 cleanrooms and dedicated white room space. They are committed to providing high-quality products and services to their customers with a focus on innovation and sustainability. Setting the industry standard for excellence since 1978, they remain true…

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Formika and Dycem Have Partnered to Offer an Innovative Solution for Effectively Managing Contamination at the Floor Level.

Formika produces printed packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. They use a flexographic printing technique to produce product packaging, such as lids for yogurts, cosmetic sachets, and blister foil packaging for drugs. Formika was searching for a solution to protect their clean production zones from contamination, especially contamination brought in from forklift wheels.…

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A Customer insight into why your facility should switch from sticky mats to Dycem.

Cardiff University has a variety of research laboratories including their Geochemistry Research Laboratory. The facility is designed to measure natural chemical variations down to the parts per quadrillion level. Resulting in a need for a strictly clean environment, which is critical for their work. CHALLENGE Having a clean environment is vital for the geochemistry laboratory…

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Food Safety

Dycem Collaborates with Mindful Chef to Enhance Their Contamination Control at the Floor Level

Dycem Contamination Control is the ideal solution for Mindful Chef, a prominent frozen, chilled, and ambient picking, packing, and distribution operation. As a provider of a diverse range of nutritious recipe boxes and frozen meals distributed throughout the UK, Mindful Chef aims to offer convenient access to top-quality, healthy food while minimizing food waste. Upon…

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Mitigating Contamination and Cross-Contamination Risks with Dycem Solutions

P.A. Cuthbert & Co Pty Ltd manufactures processing equipment tailored to a diverse range of industries. The company extends its expertise by hosting production trials for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. P.A. Cuthbert encountered contamination and cross-contamination challenges within their laboratory settings, particularly during these crucial trials. Seeking to proactively address this contamination risk, they embarked…

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Aerospace Industry

Contamination control flooring in the newly built Aerospace Cleanroom at Space Park Leicester

Space Park Leicester is a suite of multidisciplinary laboratories and manufacturing facilities. This unique community has the capability to undertake “end-to-end” space projects, from concept, design, development, and laboratory testing, right through to flight support and in-flight operations. John Holt, Research Engineer, and Cleanroom Manager was looking for a contamination control solution at floor level…

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