How is Dycem® Different?

Dycem® contamination control floor mats have a unique patented polymeric composition that is durable and naturally tacky. Our product excels in its proven ability to attract, capture, and retain up to 99.9% of contamination carried by shoes and wheels and up to 75% of airborne particulates. This outstanding performance is complemented by its washable feature and extended post-installation lifespan, making it the most efficient total-cost solution for controlling floor-level contamination.

The Dycem Difference




The Dycem Difference



Experience the benefits. Dycem mats are...

The Dycem Difference


Outperforming the alternatives, Dycem mats have been proven to reduce floor-level contamination by up to 99.9% and airborne contamination by up to 75%.

The Dycem Difference


Dycem mats come with a variety of options and are custom-designed for each customer to achieve the most effective results while meeting each facility’s specific needs.

The Dycem Difference


Dycem mats are installed in the unavoidable flow of traffic and require minimal training. Employees simply walk or roll across the surface, reducing downtime and human error.

The Dycem Difference

Easy to clean

Dycem mats have an average lifespan of 3+ years with minimal maintenance and are easily incorporated into a facility’s daily wet cleaning SOPs.

The Dycem Difference


A long-term solution replacing single-use alternatives, Dycem mats help significantly reduce plastic waste and a company’s carbon footprint.

The Dycem Difference


All Dycem products incorporate Biomaster, an antimicrobial additive that uses silver ion technology to proactively inhibit and disrupt the growth of microorganisms.

The Dycem Difference

Static dissipative

With a surface resistivity of 10⁸ ohms, Dycem mats are static dissipative and effectively reduce occurrences of electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage.

The Dycem Difference


Dycem offers peace of mind by meeting crucial quality standards and industry regulations such as CE marking, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, REACH, Cal Prop 65., and RoHS.

The Dycem Difference


The global Dycem team serves as accessible resources, providing exceptional service to our customers before, during, and after purchase.

The Dycem Difference


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Benefits Our Customers Can Expect...

Reduced particulate counts

Cost savings

Only effective solution for wheels

Microbial protection

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Less waste

Local support and service

Product lifespan of 3+ years 

Improved product yield

Minimal training and user error

Reduced ESD instances

Less downtime

Reduced cleaning costs

Aesthetic improvement

Testing and audit support

The Dycem Difference
The Dycem Difference