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The popularity of personal care and cosmetic items has caused the industry to explode with growth in recent years. With that growth comes increasing scrutiny and focus on the quality and safety of the products produced. Dycem supports leaders in the industry as a pivotal part of a robust contamination control strategy to meet cosmetics clean room regulations and ensure the delivery of safely made products.

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Where to use Dycem in Personal care

Personnel entrances/exits to production or compounding areas.

Bottling and Packaging Rooms.

Entrances to Laboratories.

Material transfer areas.

Between rooms and processes.

Any GMP-controlled space.

Contamination: The Risk to the Personal Care & Cosmetic Industry

The interest and demand for products like skincare, creams, lotions, haircare, and other beauty and anti-aging items has created rapid growth in manufacturing. Whether processing ingredients or the final packaged product for the end-user, safe and clean operations within facilities are vital. In an extremely competitive industry, consumers demand purity and the highest quality when choosing a brand.

Some of the most common types of contamination found in personal care item production include heavy metals, microbial contaminants, residual solvents, foreign matter, and residues from cleaning chemicals. Because most products are applied directly or near the skin, the presence of contamination in a cosmetic item can lead to costly product recalls, as well as more significant effects such as life-threatening illnesses and legal action.

The risks to a company’s brand, profitability, and people are too consequential to be ignored. Effective contamination control is essential for cosmetics clean rooms and other facilities to minimize these harmful outcomes.

Dycem antimicrobial mats, implemented as part of a contamination control strategy, offer optimal support in reducing the risk of contamination.

Personal Care

Don't Ignore the Floor...

80% of Contamination Enters a Critical Space at Floor Level.

Benefits of Dycem in Personal Care & Cosmetic Manufacturing

Personal Care

superior particle collection & retention

Both visible and invisible particles carried on shoes and wheels are captured on Dycem mats and remain on the surface until cleaned off. Floor-level contamination can be reduced by up to 99.9% and airborne contaminants can decrease by up to 75%.


Reduced microbial contamination concerns

With Dycem mats installed prior to critical areas, cosmetics manufacturers and packagers have peace of mind that damage from microbial contamination is minimized. All Dycem products contain Biomaster, an active antimicrobial additive.

Personal Care

cost-effective, sustainable alternative

Unlike common disposable contamination control solutions, Dycem mats last on average 3+ years. Personal care manufacturers quickly see ROI after installation, as well as the added benefit of a reduced carbon footprint due to less plastic waste.

Our Products, Your Industry

From material prep, mixing, and processing, through to final packaging…. beginning to end, quality and cleanliness in each step of the process are now more critical than ever. Dycem’s highly effective contamination control solutions support the growing importance of safely manufactured products in the personal care and cosmetics industry. Keeping contamination out of critical spaces and cosmetics clean rooms is our priority.

Personal Care

Dycem CleanZone

CleanZone helps control contamination from the shoes of personnel.

Personal Care

Dycem WorkZone

WorkZone is the only effective solution for decontamination of heavy wheels.

Personal Care

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Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine

Read the following article about fostering a quality culture and eradicating microbes in the cosmetic manufacturing process:

“Preservation system design in formulas and hygiene control in the manufacturing environment are fundamental – and these two must be highly synchronized.”

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