Contamination Control Alternatives

There are a number of options for controlling contamination from shoes and wheels. These options, while commonly used and accepted practices, all pose risks that should not be overlooked. Product efficacy, lifespan, overall cost, user training, and downtime, as well as disposal and waste, are all areas to consider when choosing a solution. Dycem outperforms the alternatives in all of these categories.

Dycem Vs Alternatives

Dycem VS Peel-off Mats

Scientific testing shows that disposable peel-off tacky mats made of adhesives are only 27% effective at preventing contamination from shoes and wheels. Learn more about this frightening statistic as well as the other risks peel-off mats pose.

Dycem Vs Alternatives

Dycem VS Footbaths & Sanitizing mats

To help stop the spread of pathogens, foot baths and sanitizing mats are often used in factories that produce food, beverages, or nutritional products. Their use has a number of detrimental effects.

Dycem Vs Alternatives

Dycem VS shoe covers

Shoe covers are often used as part of gowning procedures in cleanrooms and controlled environments. While effective, they have several risks associated with their use that should not be ignored.