Dycem VS Footbaths & Sanitizing Mats

It is every company’s top priority to have an effective barrier against microbial contamination from personnel and equipment that travels through food contact areas. To help stop the spread of pathogens, foot baths are often used along with good personal hygiene policies and regulatory procedures. However, there are many risks associated with using foot baths.

Costly to install and maintain.

Disruptive to personnel workflow.

Risk of a “bacteria bath” developing.

Contaminated bleach from the baths must be disposed of as industrial waste.

Pose numerous safety risks, including slips and falls due to water spillage during use.

The sanitizer used in the foot bath will lose its effectiveness when organic material is present.

Chemicals within the baths can be tough on shoe material causing shoe material to break down, and posing a threat if the material is transferred into critical areas.

Ordinary foot baths should not be used as they do not provide any scrubbing action, and therefore do not prevent users from treading sediment back into the critical environment.