We’ve created a list of common questions that are frequently asked by industry professionals. These include topics such as the benefits of switching to Dycem® solutions, the best products for your specific needs, as well as how to look after and maintain our mats for optimal effectiveness. Of course, we’re always available to assist should you need additional details, click here to visit our contact page.

According to independent tests conducted by GlaxoSmithKline, disposable adhesive sticky mats are only 27% effective in preventing foot and wheel-borne contamination. Dycem is the most effective solution for controlling contamination at floor level, capturing and retaining up to 99.9% of contamination from shoes and wheels.  Find out more reasons why Dycem is a superior choice to tacky mats:

80% of all contamination enters a critical environment at floor level on shoes or wheels (Source: 3M). Controlling contamination and cross-contamination at, or near floor level is an essential and fundamental part of protecting your critical environment from dangerous contamination.

Dycem products are protected by Polygiene BioMaster Antimicrobial Technology; a silver ion-based antimicrobial additive, proven to provide effective and lasting protection against various microbes, including Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, and MRSA.


Dycem products last 3+ years depending on traffic and general usage. As part of our service, complimentary annual testing is conducted on all mats to evaluate the current levels of performance.


Dycem has a range of product types and installation methods that can be combined to suit your unique needs:

Our Dycem CleanZone product range is designed for pedestrian traffic and light-wheeled traffic up to 1000 lb/in² (70 kg/cm²). 

Our Dycem WorkZone product range is specifically designed for heavy-wheeled traffic such as forklifts and pallet jacks up to 1280 lb/in² (90 kg/cm²).

Dycem floating mats are an antimicrobial, loose-laid solution to controlling contamination. They have the same benefits as Dycem CleanZone, but without the need for permanent installation. 

Dycem's Access Tiles are primarily used where raised access and flooring segmentation are required, such as Data Centers. Our custom-made tiles measure 2ft x 2ft (60cm x 60cm) and are a replacement for existing floor tiles.


Request a site survey today and our team of Dycem contamination control specialists will help you decide which product or combination of products is the best fit for you. After a site survey at your facility, our specialists can make recommendations to ensure you have the best type of floor-level contamination control in your cleanrooms and controlled environments.  

A study by 3M shows that 80% of contamination enters critical areas via entrances and exits, mostly at or near floor level. Dycem mats should be used at all entrances, exits, hallways, gowning rooms, airlocks, and areas leading to the critical area. Once a free site survey has been conducted at your facility by your local Dycem specialist, we will help you evaluate the appropriate size and placement of Dycem contamination control products.

Dycem is a long-term, cost-efficient solution for contamination control at floor level. Dycem has helped many companies save money by reducing consumables, waste disposal, cleaning, maintenance, and the obvious reduction in costs associated with a contamination occurrence.

After a site survey of your facility, a customized proposal will be put together for your specific needs.

Included at no additional cost are all ancillary items needed for installation, and complimentary annual service testing.

Dycem believes in leading by example. Our contamination control mats and other solutions are manufactured in ISO14000 approved facilities to the highest International Standards with a minimized carbon footprint. We will half our carbon footprint by 2030 and are committed to net-zero.  

By choosing Dycem products over alternatives allows you to contribute to lowering your carbon footprint: 

  • An 8in. ball of waste is created each time a peel-off mat is used, generating enough waste to fill multiple dumpsters per year. Used peel-off mats can be classified as secondary or contaminated waste, making it difficult to recycle and costly to dispose of appropriately.
  • The chemicals in footbaths and sanitizing mats can be harmful if ingested and pose a health and safety risk if not disposed of correctly.
  • Disposable shoe covers are frequently changed during shifts, and extra layers may be needed to enter critical areas, leading to substantial daily non-recyclable waste.

Find out how you can not only reduce contamination but also reduce your carbon footprint by selecting Dycem for your contamination control needs: 

Of course, Dycem products are best seen in person! To request a free sample, click the link below to fill out our sample request form.


Dycem provides customized contamination control. To ensure optimal performance of your Dycem product, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation and site survey with your local contamination control specialist. Based on the findings, we will collaborate with you to identify the most suitable products for your facility.

Dycem mats are designed for easy cleaning, allowing for hassle-free maintenance during busy workdays. The mats can be effortlessly integrated into your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for wet cleaning.


As part of our commitment to quality assurance, we offer a complimentary Particle Collection Efficiency Test (PCET) for all installed Dycem products. This test, conducted annually by your local contamination control specialist using a force gauge, measures the mat's tackiness and particle capture effectiveness. The resulting report can be used to support compliance during audits and is provided for your records.


Between cleaning, the mat will look dirty. This is good – if the contamination was not on the mat, it would be in your controlled environment. Dycem’s CleanZone, Workzone and floating mats are available in a speckled finish, designed to help reduce the visibility of collected contamination and help with facility aesthetics between cleanings. Our mats are proven effective, even when dirty.


Dycem boasts an impressive list of global customers, spanning a variety of industries. We are trusted by well-known industry leaders like GSK, Abbott, Pfizer, Getinge, Medtronic, Nestle, Mars, Coca Cola, Intel, Sony, Rolls Royce, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, Honda, and many more. We are also proud to support innovative startups and regional facilities like Space Park Leicester, Mindful Chef, Precision BioSciences, and Smallhold Farms.