Innovative Solution for DePaul University’s Animal Care Facility

The DePaul University Department of Biological Sciences – Research Support Facility faced difficulties with their decontamination strategy using peel-off sticky mats. After consulting with a Dycem Contamination Control Specialist, they knew they had to update their strategy.


The Animal Care facility at DePaul University encountered difficulties with their decontamination process using sticky mats. Individuals avoided stepping on them, rendering them ineffective in decontaminating shoes before entering critical environments. To improve their contamination control strategy, the facility sought an alternative solution.


In an effort to improve their animal care facility’s contamination control strategy, DePaul collaborated with Dycem. Dycem’s contamination control specialists analyzed the current strategy and recommended replacing the sticky mats with Dycem covering the entire vestibule floor. With the new Dycem flooring, individuals entering and leaving the facility can effectively decontaminate their shoes, and cart wheels before entering the facility, enhancing overall contamination control.


The installation of Dycem mats covering the entire vestibule floor allowed for easy decontamination of shoes and wheels. The Cobalt finish of the Dycem mat had a professional look and the speckled design helped to conceal some contamination, keeping the mat looking fresh in between cleans. The mats were easy to clean and did not require additional cleaning time. The team was delighted with this effective and sustainable solution to their decontamination challenges.

“The Dycem mats are a wonderful solution for our facility. We chose the Cobalt finish and it looks sharp and professional.” – Janine Kirin, Director of the Research Support Facility 


DePaul University Department of Biological Sciences and Animal Care Facility is committed to excellence in research, education, and animal welfare. They aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the biological sciences while promoting ethical and responsible treatment of animals.

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