Contamination Control: Don’t Go Half-In

When you have a site with highly technical needs, you need a contamination solution that addresses that in the most efficient manner possible. Using the right equipment (equipment that has proven reliability and results) can be just the solution you need.

A well-known communications company in the UK, that operates a highly technical operation, recently moved into a newly-built data center and experienced challenges in their ability to contain contamination. This isn’t a problem you want to have when it comes to doing business in this field and protecting your client’s interests. What can you do about it? Approaching the issue head-on with a culture that actively seeks to prevent contamination is one way.

Actively working to prevent contamination means employing the right equipment to stop dirt ingress wherever possible. Switching to polymeric flooring tiles at two key ingress points to stop dirt from personnel and wheeled traffic can help ensure appropriate contamination control within the facility. It worked for them; it may indeed work for your needs as well. Taking the time and the energy to look at your issues, evaluate the equipment available to meet those unique requirements, and employ the use of these products to the best of your ability can make all the difference in your business. Why settle for products that allow you to just get by when there are better solutions available that move your business forward confidently and completely?

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