How is Dycem Different?

Dycem contamination control floor mats have a unique patented polymeric composition that is durable and naturally tacky. Our product excels in its proven ability to attract, capture, and retain up to 99.9% of contamination carried by shoes and wheels and up to 75% of airborne particulates. This outstanding performance is complemented by its washable feature and extended post-installation lifespan, making it the most cost-effective solution for controlling floor-level contamination.

The Dycem Difference

Dycem Difference


To effectively remove contamination from shoes and wheels, it takes a total of six footfalls or three full wheel rotations. Dycem delivers customizable sizing, to fit any facility’s needs to achieve optimum results.

Dycem Difference


Dycem’s exceptionally smooth surface creates a natural tack and high short-range electromagnetic forces (van der Waals), resulting in the ability to attract, capture, and retain over 99% of particles and up to 75% of airborne particles.
Dycem Difference


Dycem’s polymeric surface is soft and supple, conforming to all shoe and wheel profiles and collecting particles between 0.1 and >100 microns. This includes visible and invisible particles. 



Dycem products contain Polygiene BioMaster, an additive that uses silver ions to proactively inhibit and disrupt the growth of microbes on the treated surface, giving Dycem 24/7 long-lasting antimicrobial protection.

Dycem Difference


With a surface resistivity of 10 ohms, Dycem products fall under the category of static dissipative. Static dissipative materials help to prevent the build-up of static, effectively reducing occurrences of electrostatic discharge. 

Dycem Difference


Our contamination control mats are manufactured in ISO 14000 facilities to the highest International Standards. We help companies reach their sustainability goals as well by providing a product that reduces the use of plastic waste.

Dycem Difference


Dycem provides customer support throughout the entire purchase process and beyond. Each year, we offer a complimentary Particle Collection Efficiency test (PCET) and a report on the performance of your Dycem mats.

Dycem Difference


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Benefits Our Customers Can Expect...

Reduced particulate counts

Cost savings

Only effective solution for wheels

Microbial protection

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Less waste

Local support and service

Product lifespan of 3-5 years 

Improved product yield

Minimal training and user error

Reduced ESD instances

Less downtime

Reduced cleaning costs

Aesthetic improvement

Testing and audit support

Dycem Difference
Dycem Difference