Dycem beckons you to step boldly into the forefront of cleanroom excellence through their state-of-the-art solutions, setting a new standard that is unparalleled. Elevate your expectations and experience the pinnacle of performance in upholding immaculate, uncontaminated environments.


Where to use Dycem in Cleanrooms

Entry and Exit to Cleanrooms.

Inside airlocks, gowning rooms and air showers.

In hallways between product and processes. 

Adjacent to critical products and processes.

Contamination: The Risk in Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are designed to control particles to maintain quality, safety, and profitability. Contamination from various sources like personnel, products, and airflow can infiltrate your cleanroom and disrupt processes. Microorganisms pose a serious risk, spreading rapidly through contact with humans or surfaces.

Common types of contamination found within cleanrooms include visible particles, such as dust, fibers, jewelry, and invisible particles such as allergens, microbes, pollen, and skin cells. The presence of these contaminants can cause a number of negative outcomes including a reduction in product quality, factory shutdowns, unsatisfactory customer audits, product recalls, and pose a risk to health and safety.

The risks to a company’s brand, its profitability, and its people are too great to be ignored. An effective contamination control strategy is essential for cleanroom operations.

Dycem mats, implemented as part of a contamination control strategy, offer optimal support in reducing the risk of contamination in cleanrooms.


Don't Ignore the Floor...

80% of Contamination Enters a Critical Space at Floor Level.

Benefits of Dycem in Cleanrooms


superior floor & Air particulate control

Dirt and dust are captured on Dycem mats and remain on the surface until cleaned off. With Dycem, cleanrooms benefit from a reduction in floor-level particulate of up to 99% and a reduction in air particulate levels of up to 75%.



With Dycem mats installed prior to critical areas, our cleanroom customers have peace of mind that damage from microbial contamination is minimized. All Dycem products contain Polygiene Biomaster, and active anti-microbial additive.



Unlike disposable contamination control solutions, Dycem mats last on average 3-5 years. Cleanroom facilities typically see an ROI shortly after purchase, as well as the added benefit of a reduced carbon footprint due to less plastic waste.

Our Products, Your Industry

Cleanrooms must adhere to strict protocols and processes in order to reach industry standards and their relevant ISO level. Dycem has a range of highly effective solutions to support cleanrooms in reaching these standards. Keeping contamination out of cleanrooms is our priority.


Dycem CleanZone

Cleazone helps control contamination from the shoes of personnel.

Floating Mat

Dycem Floating Mats

Floating Mats are a contamination control solution that can be moved as needed.

Push Pads Blue

Other Dycem Solutions

Our products for contamination control meet the varying demands of the industry.


Success Stories...

Discover our success stories in your industry.

Learn how our customers have benefitted from installing Dycem.


Contamination in Cleanrooms

The ISO particle count system is a standardized method for quantifying and categorizing airborne particle concentrations in controlled environments.

It adheres to ISO guidelines and is vital for quality control in industries like pharmaceuticals and electronics manufacturing.


The Visible and Invisible Risk to Your Cleanroom


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