Dycem Particle Collection Efficiency Test (PCET)

As part of our commitment to quality control and customer satisfaction, we conduct yearly site visits to perform a particle collection efficiency test (PCET) on each mat to ensure they maintain their high level of effectiveness at removing contamination from shoes and wheels.

Why is annual testing important to you?

  • Helps identify any issues with daily use or cleaning that might shorten the lifespan of the mat.
  • Allows for budget forecasting as the Dycem mats begin to reach the end of their lifespan.
  • Equips you with a test report from the manufacturer for audit purposes.

What is a PCET Test?

Each year, your local Dycem Contamination Control Specialist will visit your site to perform complimentary testing of all Dycem mats in your facility. This test is designed to measure the particle collection and retention efficiency on the surface of our CleanZone and WorkZone products. The test results provide an overview of how the Dycem mat is performing.   

What to Expect:

Before the Visit

Dycem Contacts You

One year after your Dycem mats have been installed, our team will contact you to arrange a convenient time to visit your site to perform the PCET.

Before the Visit

During the Visit

We test your Dycem Mats

Your local Contamination Control Specialist will come equipped with an overview of all Dycem products onsite as well as all tools needed to perform the testing.

Your specialist will test each mat using an Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) to measure the pull in Newtons off the surface of the Dycem material. The average testing time is 5-10 minutes per mat.

Once testing is complete, the readings will be compiled into a complimentary report. The report will give an overview of each mat, the current and historical readings, and the associated efficacy level of performance. 

During the Visit

After the Visit

12 Months Later

Our team will reach out in 12 months’ time to arrange for the next testing.

For facilities that require more frequent testing than once a year, please contact our customer service team, please click here.

After the Visit
Pcet Testing

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