Your facility should stop using sticky mats.

Cardiff University has a variety of research laboratories including their Geochemistry Research Laboratory. The facility is designed to measure natural chemical variations down to the parts per quadrillion level. Resulting in a need for a strictly clean environment, which is critical for their work.


Having a clean environment is vital for the geochemistry laboratory at Cardiff. They had previously been using sticky mats but were feeling frustrated with this solution.

They found that the personnel would often step over the sticky mats, meaning not all the contamination was being captured. Additionally, when the top layer of the sticky mat was peeled, it released particles back into the clean environment.


Research Fellow, Dr. Edward Inglis worked with Dycem to implement an alternate solution to sticky mats.

They chose to install Dycem CleanZone flooring in Midnight blue. The sizing was bespoke to fit the facility perfectly. Dycem was placed in their anteroom and entry corridor to their low-level clean labs and entry room.


Unlike sticky mats, installing Dycem has resulted in personnel following protocol, and enforcing that they step onto the Dycem mat before entering critical areas.

“So far, Dycem has been a big success. No longer do we have people stepping over or around the mats, meaning all the dirt that was being missed is now trapped. Additionally, because lab users can see the surface getting progressively dirtier throughout the day, they are inclined to mop the mat themselves”. – Dr. Edward Inglis, Cardiff University


Cardiff University is a public research university in Wales. Cardiff University is an ambitious and innovative university with a bold and strategic vision located in a beautiful and thriving capital city.

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