Cleanroom Excellence: onsemi’s Remarkable Journey with Dycem for Effective Particle Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor manufacturers adhere to the strictest requirements for their manufacturing cleanrooms, with most rooms designated as Class 1,000 to Class 10, equivalent to ISO 4 to ISO 6. Maintaining an ISO 4 to ISO 6 cleanroom environment is crucial, as it prevents “killer” 3 particles like dust, zinc whiskers, metal shavings, humidity and static charge from compromising semiconductor device structures in microprocessor production. onsemi, recognizing the crucial significance of particle control, turned to Dycem to address the challenge of monitoring and mitigating particle ingress into their cleanroom spaces. 1


In an industry where customer expectations demand top-tier particle control measures, onsemi had previously controlled particulates with the use of disposable peel-off mats. While sticky mats offer a temporary solution, they come with several drawbacks including inefficiency in covering large areas, visual unattractiveness, tripping hazards, and difficulties in adherence to the floor. Prompted by reported issues, onsemi embarked on a search for superior methods to maintain the impeccable standards demanded by their wafer fab cleanrooms.


Recognizing the significance of particle control in semiconductor manufacturing, onsemi turned to Dycem to address the challenge of mitigating particle ingress into their cleanroom spaces. Dycem mats are fixed to the floor, eliminating any potential tripping hazards and offering a sleek aesthetic. Dycem mats are highlighted for their static dissipative feature. Dycem mats surpass traditional sticky mats by delivering unparalleled performance coupled with an extra layer of static charge protection. What sets them apart is their adaptability; they can be installed either as a standard mat or tailored to fit areas with complex layouts and traffic flows.


onsemi’s experience with Dycem mats proved “outstanding,” both in terms of performance and visual appeal. The integration of Dycem significantly enhanced contamination control and safety measures for the onsemi team, offering a highly effective solution and marking a significant success for the semiconductor manufacturer.


“Customers expect particle control measures at clean room entrances… (Dycem’s) performance and visual appeal is outstanding.”



onsemi is a Fortune 500 company and one of the world’s largest POWER semiconductor manufacturers with a focus on automotive and industrial end markets. The facility in Gresham, USA, is an advanced automated wafer fab with 100k square feet of cleanroom space, located on an 83-acre site with over 500,000 square feet of building space6. More details can be found here: onsemi Gresham Facility. 2


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