Transforming Data Centers with the Dycem Difference 

In the intricate realm of technology, data centers stand as specialized environments, dedicated to housing computer systems and crucial infrastructure. These hubs play a pivotal role in maintaining the seamless flow of company information and worldwide access. 

For this case study, we spoke with the IT Director of a prominent healthcare institution. Overseeing the technological backbone of the organization, their foremost concern became ensuring the safety of employees within these vital data centers. 


A common method for preventing dust and dirt from entering data centers is adhesive-based sticky mats. Sticky mats are intended to remove unwanted particulate from shoes before entering the data halls.  

The IT Director noticed a potential liability in the healthcare institution’s data center employing these sticky mats. Employees consistently faced challenges of getting stuck and tripping on the mats due to the strong adhesive pull. This issue demanded immediate resolution as it continued to happen on multiple occasions. 


In pursuit of a solution to the less-than-ideal sticky mats, the healthcare institution began exploring various alternatives. The turning point came at AFCOM’s annual Data Center World conference in 2019 when they discovered Dycem’s Contamination Control mats.  

After a consultation and a site survey with the local Dycem specialist, the decision was made to implement CleanZone floating mats at the data hall entry points. Designed to be loose-laid and portable, Dycem floating mats provide contamination control without the constraints of a fixed system. They are ideal for facilities such as data centers with raised flooring, allowing flexibility and access underneath while maintaining a clean environment. 

“The solution works well, lasts many years, eliminated the tripping risk, and made more financial sense in the long-term.”


Implementing Dycem mats not only enhances the institution’s commitment to health and safety but also fosters a greener tomorrow. Unlike sticky mats, the floating mats feature a low profile and diminishing edge to address tripping hazards. These Dycem mats utilize a natural, reusable polymer tack instead of adhesive for more effective particulate removal. Washable and reusable with an average lifespan of 3+ years, Dycem mats significantly reduce waste and single-use plastics. 

The results are undeniable – a safe, secure work environment and a greener tomorrow. Now that’s a win. 

About the Industry 

Data centers serve as specialized environments to accommodate computer systems, infrastructure, and related elements like IT, storage, and telecommunications systems.  

Just a single hour of downtime can result in staggering financial losses, averaging around $300,000.  

Given the paramount importance of data security, data centers must provide a secure, uncontaminated setting to uphold rigorous benchmarks and minimize potential downtimes.  

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