Is Your Data Center at Risk From Rust and Debris?

According to IMB Today, one hour of downtime can cost on average, a whopping £300,000. It is shown that 70% of computer-related breakdowns are caused by dust and other debris.

These contaminants can enter your data center through various sources, including open doors, air conditioning units, on clothes and anything else brought into the room. Contamination could also have an internal source, and affect productivity via air conditioning units, toner dust, packaging and construction materials such as zinc whiskers from electroplated steel floor plates.

Dycem’s Access Tiles trap and neutralise ESD, contamination and static electricity, allowing for it to be cleaned away and disposed of appropriately, rather than being ripped and thrown away. Both our WorkZone floors and Access Tiles have a life expectancy of 3-5 years, so in comparison to spending £300,000 on one hour of downtime, the cost of preventative maintenance is miniscule.

CBRE is a world recognised global brand in the data centre industry as technical advisors, as well as providing full-services, data center facility management. The company faced issues with dust and particulate being released into the air-flow system when each tacky mat was removed from the floor. CBRE also found that the cost implications with constantly purchasing new tacky mats every month was becoming a burden. Assistant Chief Engineer, Mark Fails, implemented the use of Dycem as an alternative to tacky mats, due to the many problems they create.

Mark Fails, Assistant Chief Engineer commented…

“They are very easy to clean, they trap dust and dirt very well, and they look great. I am also very pleased with the fact that they last three to five years, which should be a significant cost saving…”

Ensure you reduce the risk in your data center with Dycem!

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