Are You Using The Proven Leader In Contaminant Removal?

When it comes to keeping clean rooms as clean as possible, especially in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, you want products that do what they say they will in the most efficient manner possible. You want (and need) products that are the best at what they do.

When using products that help to eliminate potential contaminants, studies indicate that polymeric flooring may just be your best bet. Citing a specific study from the European Journal of Parenteral Sciences, this product was shown to be especially effective in environments containing high numbers of airborne particles and microbes, reducing potential contaminants by as much as 60%.

The use of polymeric flooring in conjunction with laminar airflow reduced airborne particle contamination at critical operational height by 97-99%. In fact, independent tests have confirmed not only that polymeric flooring is the most effective contamination control flooring for critical environments, preventing up to 99.8% of all foot-borne contamination and 99.4% of wheel-borne contamination from entering a critical environment, but also that this type of flooring is highly effective at reducing airborne particulate as well. Don’t you want this kind of proven flooring to work for you?

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