Mindful Chef Enhanced Their Contamination Control

Dycem Contamination Control is the ideal solution for Mindful Chef, a prominent frozen, chilled, and ambient picking, packing, and distribution operation. As a provider of a diverse range of nutritious recipe boxes and frozen meals distributed throughout the UK, Mindful Chef aims to offer convenient access to top-quality, healthy food while minimizing food waste.

Upon receiving a recommendation for Dycem, Mindful Chef recognized the need to enhance their contamination control measures, particularly in addressing foot traffic-related concerns at their entrances to production areas. Eager to optimize their hygiene protocols, Mindful Chef reached out to Dycem for a tailored floor-level contamination control solution.


Maintaining clean production areas free of contamination is paramount for Mindful Chef. The high footfall experienced at their production entry and exit points necessitates substantial cleaning and hygiene efforts during each shift to prevent the transfer of dirt into the operational areas, which could pose a potential contamination risk.

Consequently, a significant amount of manpower is currently allocated to clean these critical entry and exit points. Mindful Chef is actively seeking an efficient solution that can effectively capture and control debris, thereby enabling the redeployment of these valuable resources to other essential tasks.

Dycem Contamination Control is the answer they have been searching for, offering a comprehensive and sustainable way to tackle this challenge and optimise their cleaning procedures.


A dedicated contamination control specialist from Dycem conducted a site visit at Mindful Chef. They provided expert recommendations on strategically placing Dycem products to optimise debris collection and retention.

In line with the specialist’s advice, Mindful Chef opted to install Dycem’s CleanZone flooring in the colour green at the entry points to production, including both office and staff entrances. As a result, every individual, be it staff or visitors, entering the production area would be required to step on the Dycem mat, ensuring thorough contact and engagement.

By implementing Dycem’s CleanZone flooring at these crucial access points, Mindful Chef takes proactive measures to effectively capture and control debris, significantly enhancing their contamination control protocols.

The use of Dycem mats compliments their other contamination control procedures, helping to guarantee a comprehensive and reliable solution to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene standards of their production environment.


The implementation of Dycem Contamination Control has yielded remarkable results, significantly enhancing the cleanliness of the operational environment for Mindful Chef. Notably, Mindful Chef observed a substantial improvement in the effective capture of debris, reaffirming their decision to select Dycem as their preferred solution for contamination control at the floor level.

Dycem’s range of products are durable, antimicrobial and washable. With an average lifespan of 3-5 years, Dycem provides a reliable and long-lasting contamination control solution.

Based on their positive experience, Mindful Chef confidently recommends Dycem as the optimal choice for controlling contamination stemming from pedestrian foot traffic. The performance and benefits offered by Dycem make it the ideal solution for controlling contamination at the floor level and helps to maintain hygiene standards in any similar setting.

“The result was a noticeable improvement in the capture and removal of light debris from shoes in a contained area on the Dycem flooring.” -Joanne Sherratt, Site Technical Compliance Manager


Mindful Chef provide healthy recipe boxes and frozen meals using high-quality ingredients. Their approach is healthy, simple and delicious.

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