Ensuring Food Safety with Dycem Mats in a Leading Cereal Production Facility

Ensuring food safety is paramount, and maintaining rigorous hygiene and cleanliness standards is essential for product quality, consumer well-being, and compliance with regulations. Manufacturers in the food and beverage industry must adhere to strict hygiene practices to prevent contamination.

A prominent cereal production facility, which has relied on Dycem contamination control mats for more than a decade, remains dedicated to maintaining a contamination-free production environment. Their commitment ensures the consistent delivery of high-quality products and the safety of their consumers.


Like many food and beverage companies, the primary challenge faced was implementing effective cross-contamination controls for heavy-wheeled traffic. Additionally, they wanted to do so without relying on liquid disinfectants. Using liquids to disinfect the floor resulted in wet surfaces, creating a slip hazard, predominantly in areas with ramps. Wet surfaces increase the risk of slip and fall accidents, potentially leading to injuries and operational disruptions.

Before the installation of Dycem mats, routine testing had revealed instances of ‘out-of-specification’ microbe levels. Microbial contamination is one of the biggest risks within the industry and can endanger consumer safety if not properly controlled.


To support heavy-wheeled traffic and accommodate around 50-100 personnel in the area, Dycem WorkZone was selected for its ability to withstand weights up to 90 kg/cm². These mats were strategically placed at forklift traffic transition points between ‘Raw’ and ‘Ready to Eat’ areas to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Additionally, Dycem mats have been placed at pedestrian entrances from external areas, where they have maintained good condition after years of use.


The mats undergo thorough cleaning by a designated provider at the end of each shift. The effectiveness of this cleaning process is verified through routine testing for Salmonella and Listeria. Notably, all Dycem mats incorporate Biomaster, an antimicrobial additive that combats the growth of common microbes using silver-ion technology.

The installation of Dycem mats has significantly improved floor-level contamination control and reduced risks of slips and falls. Consequently, site health and safety have been enhanced. Since their installation, no issues have been reported during routine microbe testing.

“Dycem mats remain a crucial addition to our cross contamination controls for wheeled traffic we have on site especially from raw to ready-to-eat areas. The installation of Dycem mats has significantly improved floor-level contamination control and reduced risks of slips and falls.” – Food Safety Execution Lead


Controlling contamination is critical in the food and beverage industry, where production, processing, packaging, and storage are hotspots for potential contaminant introduction. The industry faces threats from biological, physical, and chemical contaminants, including bacteria like Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, and Clostridium. Contamination may compromise consumer safety, and lead to rejected batches, product recalls, and factory closures, posing significant threats to brand reputation, profitability, and personnel well-being.

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