Carolina Components Group’s Strategic Partnership Aesthetics

Carolina Components Group (CCG) specializes in providing “ultra-pure hoses, single-use assemblies, and equipment” specifically tailored to the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Manufacturing industry.

In 2022, Carolina Components Group took a significant step in their manufacturing by incorporating Dycem into their gowning and material transfer areas to further enhance their contamination control measures. This strategic partnership with Dycem reinforces Carolina Components Group’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that ensure optimal cleanliness in their operations.


Carolina Components Groups team faced significant challenges when using disposable sticky mats. The main issue stemmed from the subjective nature of deciding when to peel them off. Questions such as whether they were too dirty to continue using or if they were still effective raised numerous uncertainties for CCG. Consequently, they determined it was necessary to explore alternative strategies for maintaining a bioburden-free cleanroom.


Carolina Components Group enhanced contamination control with a new cleaning regimen, switching to Dycem and twice-daily cleanings instead of subjective judgments for peeling. They found that Dycem remained highly effective with a 90.3% restrike effectiveness rate. To ensure long-term reliability, Dycem mats undergo annual certification to confirm their continued efficacy in maintaining a clean and controlled environment. These changes not only enhanced CCGs’ contamination control efforts but also elevated their facility’s aesthetics, positioning CCG as a leader in the industry through their commitment to technology and exceptional service.


Carolina Components Group is thrilled with the inclusion of Dycem mats in their operations. The remarkable feature of up to 99.9% contamination removal has strongly resonated with their team. Additionally, the aesthetics of their facility play a crucial role when conducting tours or audits, making Dycem mats an ideal choice. From leadership to the manufacturing staff, everyone is thrilled about the incorporation of Dycem into their workflow. The positive response and satisfaction across all levels of the organization reinforce the value and impact of Dycem mats in Carolina Components Group’s operations.

“Dycem is improved contamination control, aesthetics, tech, and service.” – Adam Miller, General Manager of Cleanroom Operations


Carolina Components Group specializes in providing “ultra-pure hoses, single-use assemblies, and equipment” for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Manufacturing industry. They have a strong focus on single-use assembly manufacturing, catering to the specific needs of the biopharmaceutical and drug sectors. With a commitment to maintaining high levels of purity and reliability, Carolina Components Group offers advanced solutions tailored to meet the stringent requirements of their industry. Their dedication to contamination control, modern technology, and exceptional service has earned them recognition and satisfaction from leaders and professionals in the field.

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