An Innovative Solution to Effectively Managing Contamination at the Floor Level

Formika produces printed packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. They use a flexographic printing technique to produce product packaging, such as lids for yogurts, cosmetic sachets, and blister foil packaging for drugs.

Formika was searching for a solution to protect their clean production zones from contamination, especially contamination brought in from forklift wheels.


At Formika their raw materials are transported from the warehouse to production areas, as well as having pedestrian footpaths.2

It is important that Formika protect their packaging from small contaminants (like liquids and splinters) that could be on forklift wheels or the shoes of personnel and transported from the warehouse into production areas.

Formika previously had a short experience with a direct competitor to Dycem that did not work out. They decided to remove this product and replace it with Dycem.


Formika had a free site survey with their local Dycem representative, who measured the areas and made recommendations on where they should place Dycem.

Formika chose to have Dycem WorkZone mats installed at the border of the zones for pedestrian footpaths and the crossing areas for forklifts from the warehouse into the production areas.

The WorkZone mats were chosen as they are specifically made for heavy wheeled traffic, like forklifts. They can hold up to 90kg/cm2. One edge of each mat was reinforced by stainless steel edging to provide a strong lead-on system.


Formika primarily chose Dycem to improve their contamination control solutions at floor level. They have found that Dycem stabilises the level of contaminants in their production area, and it is now their solution of choice for controlling floor level contamination. These Dycem products will last between 3-5 years and are easily cleaned.

“We had a short experience with a competitive product and can definitely recommend Dycem as our chosen solution.” -Marek Myszkowski, Formika


Formika (Latin for ‘ant’) was founded in 1978. They produce printed packaging for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Formika deliver over 5 billion packaging products to 4 continents and 40 countries. Sustainability, quality, service, and product safety is always at the top of their priorities.

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