doTERRA Achieves Sustainable Contamination Control

doTERRA, a company dedicated to making a positive impact in the world, values sustainability as a daily practice rather than just a boardroom discussion. Kelly Marcum, the director of engineering, manufacturing, facilities, and maintenance at doTERRA’s oil bottling facility in Utah, oversees the production of millions of bottles per month. One of their biggest challenges is maintaining extreme microbial control in their clean rooms, where oil is bottled.


Initially, they used tacky mats to control contamination but faced various issues. The mats’ top layer had to be torn off after only a few uses, and they couldn’t withstand the frequent use of pallet jacks in controlled environments. When a new facility was opening, Kelly searched for an alternative and was impressed by Dycem’s solution. Kelly’s decision to seek out a more effective solution for contamination control demonstrates doTERRA’s dedication to constantly improving their practices and maintaining high standards in their operations.


Kelly had specific goals for the next stage of their contamination control plan, including a permanent antimicrobial solution. They found the Dycem WorkZone mat, which has been a viable and sustainable product in their facility for over four years, without generating continuous waste like tacky mats. Kelly consulted a Dycem contamination control specialist who recommended the use of WorkZone mats for their facility.


They installed eight WorkZone mats throughout their facility, capable of handling heavy-duty pallet jack travel. The team appreciated the more sustainable practice, and the mats are easily cleaned twice per shift. They immediately noticed improvements in contamination control after implementing the new solution. This switch to a more sustainable and effective contamination control solution has helped doTERRA maintain their commitment to sustainability as a daily practice in their business operations.

“I Highly recommend the product, it’s a very good product for everything that we do.” – Kelly Marcum, Director – Engineering, Manufacturing Facilities & Maintenance


doTERRA sells 100% pure essential oils to enrich the lives of their customers and those involved in the sourcing process. Their business model is focused on empowering people and communities for self-reliance, breaking cycles of poverty, advocating for natural wellness solutions, and advancing the science of essential oils.

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