Mitigating Contamination and Cross-Contamination Risks with Dycem Solutions

P.A. Cuthbert & Co Pty Ltd manufactures processing equipment tailored to a diverse range of industries. The company extends its expertise by hosting production trials for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.

P.A. Cuthbert encountered contamination and cross-contamination challenges within their laboratory settings, particularly during these crucial trials. Seeking to proactively address this contamination risk, they embarked on a search for an effective contamination control solution.


Operating primarily with powders in their oral solid dosage (OSD) lab facility, P.A. Cuthbert faced challenges in effectively containing these materials. Their business had been significantly impacted by contamination and cross-contamination problems, leading to the unfortunate disposal of some batches.

In an effort to address this issue, P.A. Cuthbert embarked on a strategy of increased and meticulous cleaning. However, this approach proved to be excessively time-consuming, expensive, and lacked substantial benefits, as they were unsuccessful in stopping the contamination.


Encountering Dycem’s unique technology at the Interpack trade show, P.A. Cuthbert swiftly chose to adopt Dycem’s CleanZone flooring. This advanced flooring solution was strategically implemented across critical laboratory zones, encompassing the coating area, tablet press, mill, and lab bench.


In the search for an effective solution, P.A. Cuthbert explored various alternatives, yet none proved as impressive as Dycem. Through the implementation of Dycem’s CleanZone flooring, the company has successfully eradicated its contamination challenges. Dycem’s specialized flooring proficiently captures all traces of dust and powders generated during their manufacturing processes.

The decision to opt for Dycem was motivated by P.A. Cuthbert’s desire to not only enhance contamination control but also to cut their costs by minimizing cleaning expenditures.

“All our cross-contamination problems are a thing of the past, as Dycem retains all dust and powders from the products that we use to manufacture.” – Maret Jacobs, Sales Director, P.A. Cuthbert & Co 


P.A. Cuthbert & Co Pty Ltd is a pioneer in processing and packaging equipment in South Africa. It boasts a fully-fledged stainless-steel fabrication facility supplying purpose-built processing equipment for any manufacturing industry.

P.A. Cuthbert’s values are based on Diversity, Respect, Transparency, and Integrity.

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