Strengthening Contamination Control at Mars

Mars Food, a global company comparable in size to a small country, embraces its responsibility and opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the world. Guided by their long-term thinking and the Five Principles, as a family-owned business, Mars sought to enhance contamination control measures with the help of Dycem. This strategic partnership highlights Mars’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that guarantee optimal cleanliness and reliability in their operations.


Previously, Mars faced a significant challenge in controlling contamination. They struggled to find a hygienic zoning solution to manage heavy mixed, foot & wheel traffic from non-production to production areas in a dry environment. Their previous attempts involved using spray bottles of DrySan Duo placed on the exit and entry walls. Employees would spray their shoes and wheels before leaving the contaminated area in an effort to control contamination.


The approach involved incorporating Dycem contamination control flooring. Dycem was successfully implemented at crucial points in their facility, including the maintenance shop exit leading into the production area and materials storage. This strategic move was essential in maintaining a contamination-free and heavy particulate-free production and warehouse area. By ensuring such high standards, Mars was able to consistently deliver the quality products their customers have come to expect.


Mars expressed great satisfaction with the results obtained from utilizing Dycem. According to their assessment, Dycem effectively contained both physical and microbial hazards throughout the past year since its installation. They emphasized the importance of regular cleaning to maintain the surface of Dycem, ensuring its continued ability to capture and contain particulate matter effectively. The positive outcomes achieved with Dycem not only improved contamination control but also contributed to enhancing Mars’s overall operational efficiency and reputation for delivering high-quality products.


“Mars Company’s legacy thrives through beloved brands, products, and services that have delighted families, including their four-legged members, for generations. Guided by the Five Principles of Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency, and Freedom, our global Associates make decisions to consistently evolve and deliver the best for families worldwide. As a family-owned business, we embrace long-term thinking, considering the needs of future generations in every endeavor.”

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