Microbial Safeguard at Kendal Nutricare

Kendal Nutricare specializes in manufacturing world-class nutrition products including early-life nutrition, to adult and senior formulations. Notably, it stands as the exclusive manufacturer of baby formula in the UK. The company adheres rigorously to stringent manufacturing quality standards, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring excellence at every phase of production.

Commitment to quality is at the heart of Kendal Nutricare’s ethos, and its high standards must be consistently upheld. Considering this commitment, they address the potential risk of floor-level contamination, a concern that could compromise their quality standards. Since its inception, Kendal Nutricare has proactively employed Dycem mats throughout its facilities to mitigate the risk of contamination control at floor level, with a particular focus on countering microbial threats.


Contamination control and cleanliness are vital within the nutraceutical industry. The potential risks associated with contamination extend beyond compromising product quality, it also poses a significant threat to consumer safety. This concern becomes particularly critical in the production of baby formula, where infants, who are highly vulnerable to infections and illnesses, require the utmost protection.

Specifically, microbial contaminants present a constant threat to nutraceutical manufacturing. The infiltration of microbes, be it bacteria, mold, or yeast, into products risks spoilage, alterations to product characteristics, and also introduces the potential to harm consumers. Kendal Nutricare understood this challenge and undertook proactive measures to counter the transfer of microbial contaminants into production areas.


In a recent development, Kendal Nutricare found it necessary to replace their current Dycem mats, which had surpassed their prescribed lifespan of over three years. They opted for a combination of Dycem CleanZone (for pedestrian and light-wheeled traffic) and WorkZone (for heavy-wheeled traffic) mats. These were strategically deployed at hygiene junctions, specifically where transitions occur from medium-care zones to high-care zones.

Dycem goes beyond just capturing physical particulate, an antimicrobial additive is incorporated into all Dycem products, providing 24/7 microbial protection. This additive, known as  Biomaster leverages silver ion technology to inhibit and disrupt the growth of microbes. Proven to prevent the growth of various microbes, including E. coli and Salmonella, BioMaster is not only up to 99.9% effective but is also food-safe and non-leaching. The incorporation of this technology makes Dycem mats an ideal and reliable solution for safeguarding nutraceutical manufacturing facilities like Kendal Nutricare, ensuring a hygienic environment that aligns with their standards of safety and quality.


Kendal Nutricare has recognized the efficacy of Dycem mats in preventing the transfer of microbes into production areas. Quality Manager, Scott Turrell expressed his approval, stating “They look professional, set the right tone for the areas, and are effective too.” The combination of Dycem mats, with the incorporation of BioMaster, has provided Kendal Nutricare with a solution to control floor-level contamination and stop it from entering critical high-care zones.

In addition to delivering high-quality products, Dycem prides itself on providing exceptional service. Kendal Nutricare highlighted the excellence of the service received, describing it as “great.” The promptness with which the initial site survey and quotes were generated played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless onset of the project, displaying Dycem’s commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

“The Dycem mats look professional, set the right tone for the areas and are effective too.” – Scott Turrell, Quality Manager


Kendal Nutricare cater to consumers across the entire lifecycle, from adult meal replacements to powdered baby formula. Kendal Nutricare exports to global markets and is accredited in the following: BRC grade AA, Halal Certification, Soil Association Certification, FDA Certification, Health & Safety Certification, Super-Kosher Certification, and EHO approval.

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